Friday, February 27, 2009

Daily Puja-Is it Necessary?

This is my first post in this blog! I wanted a separate space for writing my spiritual thoughts.Eventhough the number of readers will be less (may be one or two including me),the satisfaction derived from writing such innermost thougts is great!

I ve heard many people saying that "Is it a must to do all sorts of puja daily?Does God demands all these things?I f he is demanding,,then how can we call him as God?"
There are second type of people.They feel that they are very busy to devote time to all such matters..Let peace prevail in them!
Third type have high notions about themselves.."See! I have already read bhagavad gita and puranas ,nothing is new!why should I read them again and again?I lead a honest life..Is it not enough?"
Fourth type merely adhere to rituals and pujas just out of fear of God to escape sins !!!

First we should know that reading spiritual scriptures or doing puja..These things are not done to please God! They are done for purifying ourselves!

Daily morning ,we wake up, brush our teeth ,ablutions,take bath ,all these are done to clean our physical body which has gathered so much of dirt in the past 24 hours.This physical dirt is visible or can be felt by other senses.

But the other form of dirt which we accumulate is in the form of anger,jealousy,greed,hatred and all such mental afflictions..which are not visible to naked eye but have an effect on our entire mental state..

We have to cleanse our mental afflictions,inner dirt daily..the simple method is reading scripture,,We can choose any favourite book in our comfortable language ,not necessarily sanskrit..I read "Sai Satcharitra" of Shirdi Sai daily ..even reading a single page does wonders to me..It imparts some message..helps me to get rid of my bad thoughts!What else do we need ..

Puja,rituals are aimed at making us good human beings who can be loving towards each other..If this exercise can make me achieve this goal..Is it not wonderful..The feeling of cleansing my inner mind daily gives me happiness..That is why we are prescribed this exercise by our ancestors!Cu in next post with similar thoughts!