Thursday, April 1, 2010

Who is Eligibile to take Sanyas?

Hi! After a very long break I am resuming my blogging activity in My Spiritual Space.
The trigger to this post is the recent scandals of the so called Swamijis . Every day some adventures of these  Sanyaasis pop out  in the News papers and TV News channels.

I am completely annoyed by this ever increasing numbers of these fake sanyasis,so I thought that I should analyse some of the basic eligibility or criteria required to renounce the world.If any of these wannabe sanyasis know the qualifications or eligibility to accept sanyas ,they would not opt for this tough path at all.
Accepting Sanyas or proceeding towards self realization should not be out of an impulsive decision or it should not be taken as a lucrative business.We are  human beings who have lots of inherent qualities,desires which are  characteristic to our species. Even though we accept that Desire is the root cause of all evil,a main principle of Lord Buddha ,by nature we are not designed to conquer all these desires.We Human beings can exercise certain control over these desires so that no harm is caused to a co creature. Renouncing world is not for common man.Only one person in a crore or ten crores is designed for such a tough task. It is not the job of every Tom,Dick and Harry.

Four things are common to all the creatures,viz., food,sleep,fear and sexual union.In the case of man, he is endowed with a special faculty , viz, knowledge , with the help of which he can pave a good path for himself  so that his co creatures are not disturbed by him.This is where the special value of human species lies.By utilizing his wisdom and knowledge,certainly he can elevate to a better  level compared to his other Homo sapiens Friends.But Just because one acquires a superior level one cannot proclaim himself as a Sadguru or a Godman.
Today, even a person who has complete mastery of words and can enrapt the audience with his oratory skills is elevated to a level of Sadguru.The disciples go there to seek knowledge and spend their money,time and labour;but ultimately they have to repent.The Guru there boasts of his secret knowledge.He makes a grand show of his sacredness and holiness.But as far as self realization is concerned,he has none.So before proclaiming one person as a Sadguru ,one should be aware of what Self Realization is.

Qualifications for Self Realization

All persons who self proclaim to be a Sadguru do not see or realize Brahma in their life time.

Certain qualifications are absolutely necessary.

1.Intense desire to get free.He who thinks that, he is bound and that,he thinks that he should get free from bondage and works earnestly  and resolutely to the end and who does not care for any other thing is qualified for spiritual life.

Today's Gurus fail in this first discipline itself. Swanky cars, Airconditioned  Ashrams ..These are the basic requirements for a guru today.

2. Virakthi or a feeling of disgust with the things of this world and the next.Unless, a man feels disgusted with the materialistic things,emoluments and honours, he has no right to enter the  spiritual realm.

The first thing our Gurus do after taking Sanyas is prefixing some great holy title to cheat the innocent people.

3.Our senses have been created by God with a tendency to move outward and so,man always looks outside himself and not inside.He who wants self realization and immortal life,must turn his gaze inwards,and look to his innerself.

This is a very difficult criteria then why the hell these fraudsters  adapt sanyas , and make a mock of the ochre garb.

4.Catharsis from(purging away of) sins.Unless a man has turned away from wickedness, and stopped from doing wrong,and has entirely composed himself, and unless his mind is at rest,he cannot gain self realization,even by means of knowledge.

Today's fake swamis are known for their infamous deeds like rapes,molestation and abuse.

5.Right Conduct.Unless a man leads a life of truth,penance and insight , a life of celibacy, he cannot get God Realization.

If  a person is unable to fulfill this criteria ,then they should never think about Sanyas.

And the other qualifications are

6.Shun Greed and attachment.

7.Control of mind and senses.

8.Purification of the mind.

9.Necessity of a Guru.

If all these qualifications are present in a person,then he is eligible to take Sanyas.

With not even a single criteria met, lots of wannabe Gurus have mushroomed in recent times.So it is very difficult to find a genuine spiritual master among the half baked ones with false claims.It is the latter class that make an organized religion an odious mess that repels the cultured sect.

There are several clever ones who can still successfully deceive people-"wolves in the lamb's coat" as the Bible says.

But my advice to these wannabe Sanyasis is, Please don't ever dream to shun this wordly life.You and I are not designed for that lifestyle. why are you adopting a course when you are not ready for the ordeal ,it is a tough path to tread, self restraint and control of senses is very difficult in these modern times.

So,my dear Fraudster brethren! Marry a beautiful girl of your choice, choose some other lucrative career to make your life spicy and leave us alone in this search of our spiritual contentment.

Reference :Sai Satcharitra(English) by Nagesh Gunaji,  SaiBaba the Master by E.Bharadwaj.